The latest and most wonderful new idea has been that of families and friends joining forces to purchase a surprise Gift Certificate towards either a wedding photo shoot, a special cause or even a private project. This pooling concept has become a practical and effective joint-effort avenue. You may also surprise someone by ordering one or more Gift Certificates and have us prepare and mail it directly to them with your special note included. This has been a truly well received service!

Gift Certificates are available in denominations of $50, $100, $500 and $1,000. Payments are accepted in cash, or by bank wire, direct bank deposit, money order, credit card and personal cheques securely provided online via PayPal.

Buying a Gift Certificate from PHOTOSURE.COMentitles you, a friend, colleague or a special someone to our flexible terms, allowing your Gift Certificate credit to be applied to any of the below professional services:

– Special Idea or Vision
– Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception
– Special Event (Engagement, Pregnancy, Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday, Baptism, Funeral, Awards, etc.)
– On Location Private Photo Session
– On Location Family or Group photo session
– Corporate Photo Production
– Private Personal Session
– Real Estate/Vacation Rental/Property Production
– Luxury, Classic or Sports Car/Boat/Plane Production
– Private, Romantic Event
– Sports, Race, Competition Event
– Child Delivery (at home or hospital)

– Stock Photo Licensing
– Client Custom Stock Photo Production
– Client Files Stock Photo Outright Purchase (Opportunity for clients to buy photo from previous productions)

– Digital Photography – Computer and Internet
– Private Coaching – Digital Camera and Photo Management
– Group – Computer and Internet
– Group Digital Camera and Photo Management

– Photo Manipulation (create new images that include changes/modifications, removal/inserts for a final photo)
– Photo Scanning (negatives, slides and/or prints)

– Corporate Image Branding (company identity, name/logo/image branding continuity)
– Project Management
– Marketing Consulting
– Special Campaign Development
– Model and Fashion Coordination
– Location Scouting
– Production Management

– Website Development
– Website Hosting
– Landing Page Design
– Landing Page Hosting
– FTP Folder Set-up
– HTML Email Promo Design
– HTML installation Set-up
– Word Press Blog Site

– Custom Logo Design
– Gift Certificate Custom Design
– Graphic Design
– Promo Design (rack cards, postcards brochures, flyers, posters, etc.)
– Stationary Design (business cards, letter heads, envelopes, etc.)
– Invitation and Announcement Design
– Fundraiser Campaign Design

YOUR OWN CUSTOM DESIGN – For your own Gift Certificate design and production, we able to create an individual design that suits your specific needs and objectives. Whether the product is for resale, fund raising or a generous gift gesture, our design and printing services are readily available to suit most budgets and styles. Gift Certificate denominations can vary to suit specific client needs.

Gift Certificates are valid for 90 days from the purchasing date (for your custom designs, they may be set for any expiry date of your choice). Exceptions are made when Gift Certificates are purchased for a wedding or a special event or production officially scheduled to take place up to a year later (in that case, we may consider the Gift Certificate applicable and valid for up to 1 year from date of purchase), in order to ensure advance bookings and reservation ahead of time.

We look forward to making your special occasion a memorable one. Thank you.